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📚Breakaway: Now Available In Paperback📚


The wait is over. Get your copy of Breakaway: The Blighted Trilogy Book one Today!


About the book ​ “A different spin on a mermaid’s life. The characters are believable and draw you in, twists and turns make you want to keep reading. I can’t wait for the next book!” - Reader Review ​ Thea Galleon is your typical eighteen-year-old girl...almost. Between classes, coffee dates, and looking forward to her Pisciessoan Tail Ceremony, life is good, but long buried secrets threaten Thea and her beloved mermaid community. ​ Bellamy, a Cephalian half man-half octopus, is on a mission to discover information about the deadly White Blight, a highly contagious illness plaguing these two secretive species. An encounter with Bellamy throws Thea’s quiet world into a tempest; she discovers she was adopted, and worst of all, is suspected to be human.Accused of treason, Thea sets out with her best friends to escapethe secluded island of Bailerunda in a race against the forces that would keep them all in the dark. ​ Will she find the truth about her past, family secrets, and government schemes, or be imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit? Reader Review The way the story reveals mermaids and their lifestyles is very imaginative and realistic! The dangers and suspense keep you wanting more! I can not wait for the next part to this series and will be looking forward to continuing on the adventure!! reader


Available on Paperback at Amazon & Barnes & Noble



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