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Review for Persuasion of Deceit

By Toni Wall

Raven and her friends come up with a plot to assassinate the brutal king. But how can they succeed when the king can force you to do his bidding with a single thought, and are they willing to pay in blood what the kingdom's freedom will cost?

This book was a wild ride filled with intrigue and betrayal. The writing is impeccable and the story drew me in right away. I loved the first half, however… This is one of those stories where everything is set to wrap up nicely but you're only halfway through the book and you KNOW the proverbial poo is about to hit the fan.

It does.

It gets dark.

Things more-or-less right themselves at the end, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a happy ending. Short of leaving spoilers, I would warn you that this is not a romance, and has scenes of torture. All I can say is read it for yourself and don’t forget to leave a review. Perhaps you can better describe the rollercoaster this book hurtles you down.

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