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Songs of Autumn

Lauren Sevier

This story follows Liz, a princess who has been doomed by an ancient prophesy to die as a sacrifice for her people since birth, and her desperate bid to change fate. Able to see through “the mists” she has visions of the future, and those visions act as proof that the prophesy could be wrong… if only she could prove it.

Little does she know that her life, and heart, will intertwine with that of the man in her visions. She wrests with the weight of her grim knowledge. Can they outwit fate together, or are they doomed to play out their lives at the mercy of gods who long ago abandoned their lands?

As this book is written in third person, it took me a while to get into it, but once I was in, the story took me on quite the ride. The prose can be flowery at times, especially in the beginning. The only intimate scene was a fade to black. There are some lgbt themes sprinkled into the story, and it ends on a cliffhanger.

I did find myself wanting a more complete ending. I feel that the whole of the book was gearing up to this particular moment, only to end just before the climax. However, I will trust the author to know what is best for the story and where certain revelations would best serve her purposes.

The characters are all well thought out and distinct, and the author does an excellent job of evoking emotion and making us care about the characters. I have theories as to what may happen next but there will be only one way to satisfy my curiosity. I would love to dive into book two!

Popular tropes:

Sharing one horse

One bed

Chosen one

Love triangle

Enemies to friends

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