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Vlog Episode 9: Creating your Author Website Part Two

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Vlog Episode 9: Creating your Author Website Part Two

Creating a platform YOU can Control

1. Have a mailing list or other platform you control is the best way to let your fans know what you're up to. Social media sites don’t let all your followers or friends see everything you do and they make you pay to boost your post.

2. Offer incentives to sign up to you mailing list or platform. Wix offers a app that you can have your fans sign up for and will be notified when you post something.

3. Blog or vlog

4. Twitter

5. If interested in self publishing and looking for ways to market you book with a agent as well check out www.smashwords.com and Mark Cokers books the smashwords marketing guide and ebook publishing success for more details.

These are great to help you get started with a agent to start marketing your book or to start learning about selfpublishing. You are the best advocate for it and no one else is more dedicated to it than you.

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