The Blighted Trilogy Book Two


Released on December 3rd, 2020 - Pre-Order Available Now

She must learn to control her overwhelming powers, or else become the mass murderer everyone fears.


Thea Galleon received her mermaid tail—a black one thought to be a myth—and with it the release of her full magical abilities. 


In fear of her capabilities, The Council has kept her starved, sedated, and weak to study how she is different from other Piscissoans, the mermaid species whose existence is being threatened by a terrifying illness.


In a bid for freedom, Thea must say goodbye to her home island of Bailerunda once again, trading the high tech environment of the island for the tradition steeped culture and olde world ways of the Cephalians, the half octopus species that lives across the trench. 


Will Thea find more than she expected in this foriegn land of Cephalians, or will she be pushed to the brink of insanity as she grasps to control the monster within?


The Blighted Trilogy Book One

“A different spin on a mermaid’s life. The characters are believable and draw you in, twists and turns make you want to keep reading. I can’t wait for the next book!” - Reader Review


Thea Galleon is your typical eighteen-year-old girl...almost. Between classes, coffee dates, and looking forward to her Pisciessoan Tail Ceremony, life is good, but long buried secrets threaten Thea and her beloved mermaid community.  


Bellamy, a Cephalian half man-half octopus, is on a mission to discover information about the deadly White Blight, a highly contagious illness plaguing these two secretive species. An encounter with Bellamy throws Thea’s quiet world into a tempest; she discovers she was adopted, and worst of all, is suspected to be human. 


Accused of treason, Thea sets out with her best friends to escape the secluded island of Bailerunda in a race against the forces that would keep them all in the dark. 


Will she find the truth about her past, family secrets, and government schemes, or be imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit?



The Blighted Trilogy Book Three

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