Author Signed Paperback  Book Two
  • Author Signed Paperback Book Two

    Author Signed Paperback Of Book Two

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    “You are not a killer.”


    My name is Thea and I’m a mermaid. Actually . . . it’s a bit more complicated than that. 


    I thought I was an ordinary mermaid prepared to receive an ordinary tail color at my Tail Ceremony. Instead, I ended up with a mythical color equipped with powerful abilities.


    The Council believes I’m a danger to myself, the Pisciessoan community, and the world. Part of me understands their reaction, but I draw the line at imprisoning me . . . or worse.


    I have one chance to escape with the help of a handsome stranger I only know as Bellamy. 


    The specter of war looms, and an ancient grudge means Bellamy is the only one who trusts me. But there’s more to the myth, the meaning in Bellamy's gaze, and the darkness that has been unleashed inside of me. 


    I must learn to control my terrifying new abilities or become the monster everyone fears. . .