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Review for Elements Acquiesce

By Kathryn Andrews

In this YA Fantasy a baby girl was found in a boat by Flynn, an Irish fisherman. He took her in as his own, though was always honest about where, and how, he’d found her.

Fifteen years later their boat was crushed by a storm. Cordelia, the young girl, woke to strangers who saved her from the sea and delivered unexpected news. In Cordelia's quest to learn who she is, and where she belongs, she discovers friendship, love, and heartache.

This author has a straightforward, no-frills approach to writing, with rapid fire dialogue. The world she painted was mysterious and tangible. At times, I could almost smell the sea as I read, and I dearly love the sea.

The end came rather abruptly and I found myself wishing she had lingered on the details of their surroundings and emotions, giving us a broader view of this new aspect of their world. The story ended on a cliffhanger, so be warned that you may want to purchase the second book. Overall, I enjoyed this first book by indie author Kathryn Andrews.

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