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✏️Review for Ladybirds✏️


Ladybirds By R. Raeta "MIRACLES DON’T COME FREE AND WORDS ARE BINDING." Y’all . . . I LOVED this book. You experience the heartbreak of losing a loved one, as well as relatable family issues with the MC, Sara. Add in Seth, a mysterious and infuriating centuries old hunk, who says her soul is now forever connected to his after a sarcastic remark, and this story is a super sweet Pride and Prejudice enemies to lovers-ish set in the modern day. I loved Sara’s relationship with her friends as well as her and Seth’s character arcs. I cannot recommend this book enough. The writing was beautiful and at times made me laugh out loud. My only qualm was all the parenthetical clauses that kept drawing me out of the story, but as that’s a personal preference and not something “wrong”, it doesn’t detract from the rating. If you’re on the fence, I’m telling you - Read it! It will not disappoint.

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