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Breakfall Book 2 Sneak Peak

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

The Prologue of Breakfall: Book Two of The Blighted Trilogy is now available!

Enjoy and please leave a comment telling me what you think!


Something or someone watches me, hidden by the suffocating darkness. I can feel it. That’s the worst part, knowing they are there, yet unable to find the eyes in the far reaches of my mind.

I feel weighted and heavy, smothered and chained inside myself, struggling to crawl my way out of the nothingness that surrounds me. Awareness comes in waves, and lights sometimes rise in my vision, but I have learned to fear them. When the lights come, so does the pain, and the chains that bind me pull taut, dragging me deeper into the darkness. Away from . . . something. Something . . .

“Thea . . . Thea . . . Thea!” echoes across the chasm. The voice is deep and full. “Thea! You’re so close to the surface. Come on, answer me!” 

Answer who? “Who . . . who are you?” 

“Thank The Great One, you hear me! Listen, there isn’t much time. Someone is coming to put you back under. You have to stop them!”

“Where are you? I-I can’t see you . . .”

“Whatever they’re giving you is getting in the way. You can’t see me yet because you haven’t broken free. Now, listen. They are coming! Stop them, Thea! Stop them!”

“What? Who is com—” 

Light appears in my peripheral vision. No! Please . . . not the pain!

I cower, trying to hide, and ignore the urgent call of the voice, but the light finds me. It always finds me. Invisible fingers of fire lick up my arm through my veins. The voice echoes in my head, drifting away, “I’ll be waiting, Thea! Come find me . . .”

I am sinking fast and everything is lost. 


The Blighted Trilogy:

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